Called to the Conventual Franciscan Life

The Church must be attractive.  Wake up the world!  Be witnesses of a different way of doing things, of acting, of living.  It is possible to live differently in the world.  We are speaking of an eschatological outlook, of the values of the Kingdom incarnate here on this earth.  It is a question of leaving everything to follow the Lord.  --Pope Francis

800 years ago Francis of Assisi began his journey with Christ. Unsure of where the road might take him, yet sustained by his faith, Francis grew into the very likeness of Jesus. The Conventual Franciscan Friars continue to follow in his footsteps. As brothers we travel this same journey of faith. We invite you to consider and pray about whether the Lord is calling you to our life as well.ianrope

There are three phases in the formation of a Conventual Friar:

Lasting one year, this is a time for a man to experience Franciscan community and prayer by living in a community of Franciscans.

Novices receive the Conventual Franciscan habit and are formally accepted into our Order. This year is set aside for prayer and deeper discernment. The vows of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience are highlighted. At the end of the novitiate year the novice makes a profession of temporary vows, lasting for three years.

The final phase of formation normally last three years. During this time the friar focuses on making a permanent commitment to the Conventual life. At the end of this period, the friar professes solemn vows: a permanent, life-long commitment to Christ, the Church, and the Franciscan Order.