A Fairy Tale Come True

(In photo: Fr. Andrew Mukosa, OFM Conv., with student Susan at St. Francis School in Zambia.)

by Friar Tony Droll, OFM Conv.

Once upon a time (well, twelve years ago), a charming little girl named Susan entered St. Francis School. She appeared serious and focused; she applied herself and excelled. She entertained, even at her young age, a Fairy Tale Dream. All through school Sue was on the top of the teachers’ pages of excellence. Even today, we meet her former teachers who say that Sue was a good listener, serious and progressive in their classes. Her desire to learn often has driven her to be studying at 3:00 in the morning. In St. Francis Technical Secondary School, from grades 8 to 12, her teachers observed that same serious focus in her work. The same virtues showed themselves in her faithful relationship with God in Church.

As I write, in August 2016, Sue’s stamina and fidelity have earned her a full scholarship at St. Mary of the Woods College in Indiana, providing her every opportunity to Aspire Higher. Sue, our first International student, stands as an example and a challenge to St. Francis Technical Secondary School’s other 750 students. Before she departed Zambia, she stood in front of the Assembly of Students and encouraged them:

“Be faithful in your relationship with God and put mind and heart and strength to study and you too will shine in your life and education.”

If Susan Fanazani puts the same focus of prayer and heart into her College challenge, she will return home someday a successful leader for her beloved country of Zambia.

Sue’s story is no longer a Fairy Tale, but a true story of hard-earned success.

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