A Quick Visual Tour of the Archives

The View of the main hallway as one enters the Archives.






On the right of the hallway is the media room. Here cassettes, records, VCRs and other media are converted into digital media.





The next room on the right is the research room. This is where researchers work at a large table. Items are brought from the stacks area and given tow pencils to use (to avoid ink marks on papers). Coats are hung up in a hall closet. Smoking, food and drink are not allowed in the room.





Returning along the main hallway, passing the copying machine on the right. Researchers are not charged for a small amount of copies, however, large numbers of copies must be paid for.





About halfway down the main hallway is the hallway leading to the office and stacks. A restroom is available to the right.





To the left of the hallway is the stacks room which has the files of current and former friars. Here a paper sorter is used to tell Archives Staff where to place processed papers. Acid free boxes for storage sit on top of the filing cabinets.





The view behind the door of the hallway leading to the office. This is the main stacks area where processed items are kept. Normally only the Archives Staff is allowed in this area.






Storage right of the stacks








Filing right of the storage area






The main office