What We Do

The Conventual Friars of Our Lady of Consolation Province serve throughout a wide swath of the United States stretching from northern Ohio and central Minnesota, down through Indiana and Kentucky, and into the southwest in Texas and New Mexico. We also have Friars working in Maryland, Georgia, Louisiana, and Illinois.

First Missionaries to go to Zambia

Our Friars work in retreat ministry and staff parishes. We serve as chaplains in hospitals, nursing homes, military bases, and prisons (and even once in a while on cruise ships). We have theologians and scientists teaching in seminaries and universities.

Franciscans have always been active missionaries. Our Friars have served in Zambia, Russia, Central America, and in mission dioceses in the United States. We have built community centers, schools and churches, and years ago one Friar even moved a church building 17 miles from a military base to his parish in New Mexico.

We provide spiritual direction to youth groups and people in 12-Step Programs. We help out in soup kitchens. We say Mass and provide the sacraments to those who speak other languages.

We strive to deepen our relationship with God as individuals and as a community. We pray together in our Friaries each morning and evening, and celebrate Mass every day. We welcome new men to our community, teaching and forming them in the Franciscan way of life. We care for one another when we fall ill, and as we advance into old age.

We have our hobbies. Some like to garden, some play music or paint, and one is learning to brew his own beer. Living in community, we love to laugh. We spend time around the table, and love to hang out in the kitchen to see what’s on the stove or grab a cookie.

And whether we work in an office or retreat center or parish, whatever we may be doing, we always have time for you. Nothing is more important than someone who needs a moment, whether you need to talk, to pray, to cry, or to laugh.

In all of these things, we follow our spiritual father, St. Francis of Assisi. His path is the road toward God. But it isn’t a solitary path, it’s one we walk together as Friars, as brothers.

We invite you to walk with us.

A meeting at Assisi of Franciscans from all over the globe