Border Summit in El Paso


Hope Border Institute, an organization in the Diocese of El Paso, sponsored a summit on immigration from February 25 to 27, 2019. The summit took place along with a meeting of the bishops on each side of the border in Texas and New Mexico.

Hope Border Summit convened with about 80 attendees plus 16 bishops.


About 80 representatives from many Catholic, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim organizations participated in the summit. The focus was on how to better understand the history of immigration through this border area and how faith leaders can respond to the needs of those who are migrating.

Four areas were chosen for particular response to the needs of immigrants: Theology, Formation, Advocacy, and Action.

Friar Tom Smith OFM Conv. participated in the Summit, and was joined by Friars Miguel Briseno OFM Conv. and Don Adamski OFM Conv. for a prayer service at the border with Mexico.

Friars Tom Smith, Don Adamski, and Miguel Briseno
Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso shows photos of Jakelin Caal Maquin and Felipe Gomez-Alonzo. Children who died died as their families tried to seek asylum in the US.