Columbaria Blessed at Mount St. Francis

Though the day was overcast and rainy, many members of Fr. Terence Tobin's family, other friends, and Friars gathered at Mount St. Francis on Saturday, January 14th, for the blessing of the two columbaria that have been constructed at the Mount. Fr. Terence, who passed away in 2015, had chosen to be cremated and is the first Friar to be interred in the Friars' columbarium. There is a second one nearby reserved for family, friends, and benefactors of the Province.

Following Fr. Terence's interment and the singing of one of his favorite hymns, Fr. Jim Kent, Minister Provincial, blessed both structures.blessing columbaria

Everyone then gathered for lunch and a chance to share remembrances of Fr. Terence's life and ministry. His family told many wonderful tales about his generosity of spirit, love of puns, and adherence to his vow of poverty. They commented that they could never give him anything - if they gave him a new shirt he would find someone who needed it more than he did and give it away.

The family of +Fr. Terence Tobin with Fr. Raymond Mallett (center) and Fr. David Lenz (right)
The family of +Fr. Terence Tobin with Fr. Raymond Mallett (center) and Fr. David Lenz (right)

Fr. Terence spent more than 50 years as a missionary in Zambia. In spite of the distance, his family remarked that Fr. Pat (as they knew him) had a great relationship with all his nieces and nephews.

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