Dear Friends,

Pope Francis recently remarked in a letter to Friar Carlos Trovarelli, Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor Conventual, marking the occasion of the 800th anniversary of St. Anthony entering into religious life:

“May his example of sharing in the difficulties of families, the poor and disadvantaged, as well as his passion for truth and justice, still arouse in us today a generous commitment to give of ourselves as a sign of fraternity.”

“I am thinking most of all about the young: This saint, so ancient and yet so modern and brilliant in his insights, can be a model for new generations to follow, so that their journey may be made fruitful.”

His example is surely for the young, but also for all those who seek a new way. During this time of isolation and political divide, his example is one for us all. How can we use technology and knowledge to encourage and support those who seek His Good News? How can we see God in those we can not be with or don’t agree with? What can we learn by joining in solidarity with those in the margins of society?

With St. Francis and St. Anthony as examples, our fraternity of brothers accept the challenge to see God in the faces of all we meet as we mission and minister. We invite you to join us in doing the same.

Peace and all Good Things,

Fr. John Elmer OFM Conv.
Spiritual Director