Friar Ian’s Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics

Br. Ian prior to plunge

by: Br. Bob Roddy, OFM Conv.

“I wanted to do something outside my comfort zone,” was the response that Bro. Ian Bremar gave to Bro. Bob Roddy when asked why he signed up for the 2013 Polar Plunge in Prior Lake. On Saturday, February 16, Bro. Ian did just that, as one of over 600 participants in the 2013 Polar Plunge, an event to raise money for Special Olympics Minnesota.

Plungers came to the event as individuals and as teams–some of the costumes ranged from modified fireman’s outfits, to tuxedo clad snowmen, to “did s/he look in a mirror before coming out here?” types. The day was sunny and the temperature, a crisp 14 degrees, but surprisingly, it didn’t seem that cold with the sun out and no breeze. Of course this author was dressed in a habit and a warm winter coat, in contrast to Ian, who was attired in long shorts and a knit shirt.

Friar Ian soaked after Polar Bear Plunge

Ian was announced by the MC of the event as “plunging for Franciscan Retreats and his home state of Texas.” He raised $410 for Special Olympics Minnesota. (The Prior Lake Plunge, one of many Polar Plunges that take place across the state, raised $123,210 this year, over $46,000 more than last year.)