Greening the Mount

Great things are happening at Mount St. Francis this week!

We are excited to announce that the installation of a geothermal heating and cooling system at Mount St. Francis has begun. This is the first of several proposed environmental projects here. Drilling began today (July 9) and is going very well.

The 15-ton geothermal system replaces a failing system and will serve the the upper and lower chapel areas. It should operate 25-35% more efficiently, and is a clean and sustainable energy source in line with our Franciscan Earth Care Initiative commitment to honor nature, the environment, and our planet.

Also this week we expect to install an EV charging station. All-electric cars are far less polluting than combustion-engine vehicles, offering a pathway to reduced greenhouse gas emissions. We are providing an EV charging station to support those who have invested in this green technology.

“Here we can think back on the call that Francis of Assisi received from the Lord in the little church of San Damiano: ‘Go and repair my house, which, as you can see, lies in ruins.’ Today, the ‘common home’ of our planet also needs urgently to be repaired and secured for a sustainable future.”

Pope Francis

July 2018, during the International Conference Saving our Common Home and the Future of Life on Earth