Information About Bequests – Wills and Trusts

65% of U.S. citizens do not have a Will or Trust. Procrastination, fear, cost, not having the time are just some of the reasons people haven’t accomplished the task. Making arrangements for the distribution of your property is a Gift to your family and loved ones. Without a Will or Trust the State awards your assets according to their method. Your children, not your spouse, or your siblings may be the recipients of the property you’ve set aside to educate your children, or the retirement funds your spouse will need.

Your survivors will be grateful to you for documenting your wishes for the distribution of your property. This knowledge will spare them added heartache and expense at a most difficult time in their life. You can protect them from these unnecessary challenges by writing a Will or Trust which mirrors your life’s values.

Generous and thoughtful people have left a gift in their Will or Trust to us, Conventual Franciscan Friars. Their kindness has made new ministries possible and helped us to continue our work. We are dependent on these gifts that come to us at the end of a person’s life. Often the bequest is the largest gift the caring donor has ever made. We are grateful and awed that these people have made us a part of their legacy.

It is impossible for us to continue this Franciscan journey without your prayerful support.
We ask that you consider a gift to us in your Will or Trust. Legal Title: Province of Our Lady of Consolation, Inc.

We have informational pamphlets about writing your Will to help you get started in this process. It is useful, too, if you need to review your existing Will to make sure it meets your current needs. Please select the complimentary pamphlet you want, and complete the form so we’ll know where to send this important information.