Franciscan Mission Association

Become a Part of the Worldwide Francisan Missionary Effort

Franciscans, as you may remember from your history books, sailed with Columbus for the New World. Today, Franciscan missionaries labor all over the globe - in Japan, China, the Pacific Islands, Africa, South and Central America, in what was the USSR, and even in our own southwestern United States - any place where people may be brought to the knowledge and love of Jesus.

Many of our friends have an ardent desire to help us spread the Kingdom of God on earth. That longing can be satisfied in a wonderful manner through enrollment in the Franciscan Mission Association. Membership is conferred by the Conventual Franciscan Fathers upon those who aid us in the education of worthy but needy young men for the Priesthood and in the support of our home and foreign mission.

Each enrollment in the Franciscan Missionary Association confers a three-fold advantage:

For the Franciscan Order: We secure urgently needed funds to maintain our many missions and to educate the future Franciscan missionaries who are studying in our seminaries.

For the person or family enrolled: Living and Deceased members of the Association share in a Mass every day of the year; a weekly Mass every Tuesday in honor of St. Anthony; a concelebrated Mass on Christmas, Easter, The Feast of the Immaculate Conception, the Assumption, and the feasts of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Anthony; a special remembrance in all the prayers and devotions of the Franciscan Friars; a special Mass every month in every church, and seminary chapel of the Conventual Franciscan Order.

Gift Enrollments: Each missionary certificate is beautifully inscribed. The perpetual membership certificate is mounted in a large durable double-folder that will enhance the beauty of the dresser or table on which it is placed.

For the Deceased: The enrollment is a comforting and appropriate expression of your sympathy to bereaved members of a family.

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