Polished Stones Trundle in the Rock Tumbler

Brothers Randy Kin, Ian Bremar, and Angelo Catania prepare for pilgrims at the Basilica and National Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation. At the recent Come & See, Br. Mike Austin shared stories about the many brothers who have initiated diverse and innovative ministries within the Province of Our Lady of Consolation.

Our Lady of Consolation Friary in Carey, Ohio, hosted a Come & See (John 1:38-39) retreat in September. Three postulants and all the friars of Carey sorted out the details to draw together a prayerful and fruitful retreat.

Friar Ian Bremar introduced us to a vivid image of formation being like a rock tumbler, when we enter we have sharp edges and cracks, but after formation we are transformed into smooth, polished stones. Part of our formation process is allowing others to shape and influence us for the better.

Friar Vince talked about his passion for mission and how it inspires his art.
Friar Vince talked about his passion for mission and how it inspires his art.

Friar Vince Petersen shared how his excitement for the missionary call, both domestic and foreign, feeds his passions. Friar Vince has a passionate mission to help people see the beauty of all creation, evident in his majestic landscape paintings. Friar Vince shared, “Beauty is not an option but a strategy for survival.”

Br. Randy Kin led the group on an informative tour of the upper and lower basilica, and all the many miracle healings that have taken place there.

Br. Mike Austin shared stories of the brothers who have made a profound impact on Our Lady of Consolation Province. Many diverse and innovative ministries have been first initiated by the brothers and their inspiration continues to drive the apostolates of our fraternity.

Friar Ray Mallett stirred the group to promote the Franciscan values of itinerancy, hope, and challenge outward and into their own communities. A religious order that does not move outward in missionary activity will stagnate and fade away, but we are all called to be missionaries in our own setting. Sunday we enjoyed “Family Day” at the OLC Shrine Park with all the many pilgrims who attended the healing service Sunday afternoon. In the end the prospects departed happy and content. Thanks for all the prayers of support and your encouragement to others to discern their call from God.


Living the Gospel Life is why the Conventual Franciscan life is still around after 800 years.” -Friar Ray Mallett.