Remember on Memorial Day

Fr. Simon Sauer, OFM Conv., always remembers the deceased friars who served in the military on Memorial Day, placing American flags on their graves. 

Fr. Simon never served in the military, but worked as a chaplain for the Veteran's Administration. Two of the deceased friar veterans Fr. Simon calls his best friends, Fr. Louis Fouquette and Br. Hugo Lamm, served in the missions in Zambia when Fr. Simon was also stationed there.

Fr. Simon stands by the graves of two of his good friends

Our deceased friar veterans are:

Fr. Isadore Rafferty
Fr. Kevin Cole
Fr. Julian Dinkel
Br. Jim Fields
Br. Louis Fouquette
Fr. Cyril Janicek
Br. Hugo Lamm
Fr. John Loftus
Br. Simon McHugh
Fr. Claude Mussel
Br. Bruno Nemcosky
Fr. Cyprian Terwoord
Fr. Leonard Wren

Please join us in prayer for our deceased veteran friars and for all the men and women who have served our country in the military.