Conventual Franciscan Spirituality

Franciscan spirituality isn’t just what happens when we Conventual Friars are at Mass and community prayer. In everything we do we strive to follow the way of St. Francis and those first men who followed him as “little brothers.”

We look to him and the first Franciscans, we see a man who took literally the words of Jesus in the Gospels, and those who were trying to follow him as best as they could, as difficult as that sometimes was.

Some of them were saints we know, like St. Anthony of Padua. Others were hidden saints whose names are not so familiar, but we can find who they were if we look hard enough. Others are completely unknown to us, but we know that within a few years there were thousands of them.

There were many among them who tried hard but fell short. That’s where most of us continue to find ourselves today. We know the ideal and keep trying to reach it, but we are painfully aware of our faults and limitations.

But as important as following the Rule of St. Francis, trying to live simply and serving others in our lives, there is much more to Conventual Franciscan spirituality.

One of the highest compliments we give one another is that “He’s a good Friar.” What that usually means is that while he does what’s assigned and does it well, he brings something else to the job, to his life: Joy.

A good Friar is someone who is in love with life and with every person God brings into his life. Because he is poor and keeps nothing to himself, he is able to share everything around him with those he meets. He shares his talents and training, obviously. But also everything else that God gives him, he tries to give away.

If you’ve spent much time with us, you know that when we get together there we usually have a lot of laughter, a lot of fun, and almost always something good to eat.

And we take joy in knowing that those first Franciscans, and the thousands who have followed them, were just like us, with strengths and weaknesses, good qualities and bad. We always have the faith and hope that if we follow the example of love given by the “little poor man of Assisi,” Christ will continue to draw us closer to Himself.

We invite you to learn more about our particular path of spiritual life. More importantly, we would like to share it with you.

Visit one of our parishes or chapels. Come and celebrate Mass with us. Spend a day or a weekend, or maybe longer, at one of our retreat centers.

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