St. Bonaventure Celebrates Renovation

by Friar Bob Roddy, OFM Conv.

ext st bonyAn excited and joyful crowd from the 10:30 Mass at St. Bonaventure’s in Bloomington, Minnesota, witnessed the blessing of the new addition to the church on Sunday, March 9, 2014. Fr. Richard Kaley, OFM Conv., pastor of St. Bonaventure, assisted by Deacon Jon DeLuney, blessed each of the new spaces in the addition, which includes a beautiful new gathering space at the entrance to the church, a room for the parish Youth Group, a meeting space and gathering/reception spaces. The exterior of the church now has a distinctive tower with a prominent cross in the design.  The project has been a long and difficult one for Fr. Richard and the parishioners due to several delays in construction, and problems with sub-contractors, but the new space adds considerable light and space to St. Bony’s. Those gathered for the blessing were beaming with smiles and bursting with pride in their beautiful new space. Kudos to Fr. Richard and the community of St. Bony’ gathering st bony

Francis Sothy posted the following lovely YouTube video -

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