Winter Newsletter – To Heal the World

Dear Friends,

“Rebuild My Church”…

Born to privilege, St. Francis would come to know the hardships of war, imprisonment, and sickness. This experience of hardship sparked St. Francis’s conversion to a life among the poor. The Spirit of the Lord moved Francis to embrace the leper. Francis found in the embrace of the leper the person of Jesus Christ. In that spirit, he bathed the wounds of the lepers. Francis cleaned the wounds seeking to bring Christ’s healing.

St. Francis went out to the marginalized and outcasts of society, those reviled and called unclean, and embraced them as sisters and brothers. Francis came to understand that God was telling him in that small chapel that to rebuild “My Church” is to heal and bind the wounds of Christ’s body – men, women, children, families, society, Mother Earth.

St. Francis gave his brothers a set of Admonitions, encouragement to give life to the words and deeds of Jesus. In his Admonition #6, Francis encourages his followers [brothers and sisters] to imitate the Good Shepherd, caring for the sheep, binding wounds of the body, and all of creation. We Franciscans, religious brothers and sisters, laymen and women (Secular Franciscans) desire to bring healing to the broken body – people, families, communities, society, world, and Mother Earth.


Fr. John Elmer OFM Conv.
Spiritual Director

Throughout this issue we are featuring the artwork of painter, Francisco Daniel Moreira. We absolutely love the beauty in which he explores the themes of love, solidarity, and unity.